View Full Version : [ubuntu] firewire: not getting playback && using in conjunction w/ internal soundcard

May 24th, 2011, 09:11 AM

i've gone between linux and windows a couple times primarily because my music devices tend to be designed for windows and thus are a lot more compatible. i'm still pretty bad at linux so excuse me if i offend your intelligence.

i want to start producing music on the linux platform, and i've been battling compatibility issues and the learning curve, but now i'm stuck.

i've gotten as far as running jack and ffado so that i could record into Ardour which was exciting, but now i can't get any playback through my firewire audio interface. i know it recorded and i see the levels indicating that sound should be playing, but i can't hear anything :(.

on top of this (and a lesser problem), i notice jack seems to disable all other soundcards, so that I can't - for instance - play music from Banshee while jack is running. on windows, i had the ability to route sound from my internal soundcard to my firewire device so i could use the soundcard for all of my computer sounds and the firewire device dedicated to my music production suite. this would also allow me to record anything interesting (i.e. youtube videos) very conveniently.

can anyone lead me in the right direction for at least my first problem... and if you can help me with the second i'll try to believe in love again.

apologies if i'm not very concise- i'm not very good at things...