View Full Version : [ubuntu] Flickering lines on boot & desktop

May 23rd, 2011, 12:47 PM

When installing ubuntu from USB or CD, there are horizontal lines that flicker during the ubuntu loading screen and desktop. They don't disappear. By accident, I discovered that closing the laptop lid and opening it again (5 seconds later) fixed the problem.

Attached is an image of the flickering horizontal lines.

After installing ubuntu, the screen still flickers and I have to do the same 'trick' to be able to view the screen - which doesn't always work.

My laptop is a "Clevo Horize B5130M". The graphics card is "nVidia Geforce GT425M 1GB Dedicated Graphics DX11 switchable with Intel GMA HD (using nVidia Optimus Technology)"

I have done some searching on these forums and found some posts about the nvidia drivers. As suggested, I tried installing "nvidia 185" and the "nvidia latest", but nothing changed. I tried adding Driver "vesa" to the xorg.conf and then ubuntu wouldn't boot past the initial loading screen (still flickering), so I reinstalled ubuntu again.

Does anyone know how to remove these flickering lines?