View Full Version : I have finally got Ubuntu on all of my family's computers

May 22nd, 2011, 02:05 AM
Ok, so at our house, we have 6 computers (but one is actually from like 1998 and we don't use it anymore) and I finally got Ubuntu running on all 5 of the computer we use! The cool thing is that most of my family actually likes it! It started with me putting Ubuntu on my laptop last year. Then I installed Ubuntu on the other 2 laptops in the house (Vista was making one not run that well, and Ubuntu was able to connect to our temporary wireless router when Windows wasn't, and they didn't have me take it off when we got the new router that worked fine with Windows) then I installed Xubuntu on my brother's Dell Dimension 2400 from like 2005. Then today when I booted up our Acer desktop from 2007 (running Vista) it just stayed at a black screen with a cursor. When I told my dad he was going to call Acer support, but I told him that our warranty was up (remember it's from 2007) and he said that we was going to have to upgrade to Windows 7, but we needed to backup all the information on their. I told him that I would go grab my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS CD that would be able to mount the partition, and save any information to an external drive we have. He was amazed and then he asked me to install Ubuntu on the machine. I got it installed and he admitted to me that he finds him self using Ubuntu sometimes on the laptop (the one with wireless issues) because it is quick and boots up fast and can get running in a minute. He told me that he has been impressed with how well Linux has come to be (he uses Linux at work, but it's a closed environment so many of the new cool things we get to use he can't. He told me he feels like he is taking a step backward when he goes to work). So now we have Ubuntu running on every machine in the house that is in use :)

I feel so good right now :D

P.S. Everyone loves the compiz effects that Ubuntu has, and my dad says that Workspaces in GNOME is one of the best ideas ever

May 22nd, 2011, 02:12 AM
Thats awesome! :)

May 22nd, 2011, 02:13 AM
Thats awesome! :)

Yup :)

May 22nd, 2011, 04:49 AM
Thats great I believe People only need to use it for a while to really get to appreciate how good it runs then they become believers!

May 22nd, 2011, 07:37 AM
P.S. Everyone loves the compiz effects that Ubuntu has, and my dad says that Workspaces in GNOME is one of the best ideas ever

I hope Unity wouldn't be too much of a shock to your dad.:P

May 22nd, 2011, 08:01 AM
Congratulations! Must feel great to be in an all-Ubuntu home.

May 22nd, 2011, 08:05 AM
Awesome! I hope they like how nice Unity looks and how well it works. I know my daughter is loving it on her system. :)

May 22nd, 2011, 09:02 AM
For now, I only taught my mother to use Ubuntu (she doesn't have her own PC), and she never really complained. She can do her office work flawlessly on her .docs , and she actually figured how to change the theme (the default theme is black, and OpenOffice doesn't look quite well with black), and she has a choice of over 20 themes to choose from (I have a lot of ppa's with themes installed).
My dad is a little more 'conservative'. He doesn't really want to show that he likes Ubuntu, neither to change to it, but he once gave a try and in the little time he had used it, I hadn't heard a complaint.
Oh by the way, my uncle actually installed 2 weeks ago Ubuntu 11.04 on his own PC, and he likes very much the interface. And yes, all his stuff work on Ubuntu (NFS server, poker games, bitcoin miner, etc).
Ubuntu is on the good way, I hope the team will keep up the good work!

May 22nd, 2011, 09:55 AM
dual boot a I hope!