View Full Version : [ubuntu] Very Slow Video Playback

May 20th, 2011, 06:13 AM
Hey guys,
My PC config is Ubuntu 10 and my h/w is: 1.5GB ram, 3.0Ghz Processor, Intel 915Gav chipset mobo with inbuilt graphic drivers.
I am facing a slow video playback and the quality of the video is also bad. It doesn't impress the Multimedia functionality of ubuntu on my pc. Whenever i play the Flash videos, they lag a lot, and also the VLC/MoviePlayer doesn't provide a good video quality.
What type of graphic drivers are needeD? Or is it due to the slow processing of my ram or graphic driver?
I also have a habit of opening multiple tabs in browser, almost 8-10 everytime i surf, but the video is buffered on a single tab itself.
Please gimme a solution.
Thank you.