View Full Version : [ubuntu] The Clipboard and Libre // Open Office

Hamma Hedd
May 19th, 2011, 01:34 PM
The problem is this:

I use Office Libre // Open Office, to open an image. When that image is in the program I then say draw a similar sized image (square / text box etc.,) and then I want to make copies of it, with a click on and a COPY or Ctl+C, I go to reproduce that image and then paste it. But what happens is that the NAME of the image file then pastes into the Libre // Open Office Draw page, or anything I have copied (like the editing from this page). It happens when I delete the text and copy the image and then repaste the image into the DRAW program. I have used several clip board managers, and assorted terminal commands to clear the clipboard or clip boards. Gclipper and Parcelite, and a few of the assorted clip board clearing commands... There is a way to do it, using some exotic sequence of clipboard manager commands - for one of them only - but I forget which one. Rebooting and reopening Libre Office also fixes it - but this too is a pain. This little work around is a pain in the **** for lots of copying and pasting, as well as being a bad patch job on a difficult problem. With my degree of ignorance, what I believe is happening is that there is a second clipboard ?????? that is retaining the data, and not releasing it, after pasting. As far as I can recall it's only an Office Libre issue, and I think it also happens in other situations, as there are a number of posts around the intelwebs, talking about how to clear the clipboard. I think this is a core issue, of the clipboard taking and retaining data // looping it and not clearing, and it needs to be fixed properly. It's not beyond my capacity to do it, but as much as I'd love a 6 week crash course in hacking Debian, a proper fix, that is applied across all releases would be a much better outcome. I don't want help - we need change.

Copper Bezel
May 19th, 2011, 03:03 PM
Please visit this page (http://qa.openoffice.org/ooQAReloaded/ooQA-ReportBugs.html) to file a bug. The Ubuntu support forums are handled by the user community, not developers for Canonical, OpenOffice.org, or any other organization.