View Full Version : [ubuntu] compaq fs740 monitor

May 19th, 2011, 08:25 AM
hi all -

newbie on here, and with ubuntu...

i do have some limited knowledge of unix, just a little - i used to do alot of dos command-prompt stuff, batchfiles and such, and i got to taking a look at some unix commands and playing (it was a long time ago tho) so i'm not afraid of terminal

anyway, the problem is a compaq fs740 monitor on ubuntu 9.10 will only show 800x600 & 640x480

i assume using WINE on driver installs is dangerous if not impossible? - and i also noticed people have similar display problems with nvidia,(not mine, it's formfactor intel onboard) so maybe i should be going after the card and not so much the monitor ?

i saw alot of threads on google about editing xorg.conf, but it's not being used on this install - i guess that's ver 7.4?

anyway, i wanted some first hand advice and tutoring before i do anything!

ps- there is a gzipped xorg.conf package on the filesystem from the install, but it didn't use it.