View Full Version : [gnome] Inkscape Gnome printing conspiracy.

May 17th, 2011, 04:26 AM
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Gnome 2.30.2 (up to date), Inkscape 0.48 (tried 0.47).

I searched the net decently for the last week found few 'briliant' answers to no avail.

I have Epson printer NX125. It prints well from all (eg. GIMP, Adobe Reader, Scribus,+) applications but one - Inkscape. What more Inkscape trashes the print queue 1-2 seconds after sending a print job, leaving Printer state in:

Idle '/usr/lib/cups/filter/pips-wrappe failed'

which is annoyingly difficult to clear out (delete and reinstall the printer). System Diagnose does not make any sense, suggest turning on 'Sharing' - but the printer has that tick box ticked.

I also have a draft printer, HP LaserJet 6mp, and Inkscape prints to this printer with no problems.


Inkscape does not print and trashes the Epson NX125 queue.
Inkscape prints to the HP LJ 6mp.

All other apps (GIMP, Scibus ++) print to both printers.
None will print to the trashed Epson NX125 queue.
After I 'Duplicate and delete' the NX125 the above Status is cleared and printing is ok till Inkscape.

It seems that Inkscape and the NX125 have an issue and I was not able to find out what it is. Because of the above the culprit is Inkscape.

My last action was to compile and install Inkscape on my system - does not make any difference.

From the net I know that there are other printers with that same problem.

If a sollution is not available I would be satisfied with an answer from the most experienced and knowledgeable Linux users: 'Sorry we do not know.'

Meanwhile what I do is. Created something in Inkscape, save in .svg and .pdf. Open file in GIMP and print to the Epson. It is a sollution but an annoying one because I am using Ubuntu not Windows.

Thanks for comments.