View Full Version : [ubuntu] Persistent folder on destop using sftp

May 16th, 2011, 11:06 PM

I have two ubunutu machines, one that is acting as a NAS.
On the "NAS" I have the same accounts that I have on the "working machine"

I am able, by using "connect to another server", add a folder on the desktop of the working machine that reflects the /home/... directory on the NAS, using sftp.

But the "link/folder" created on the desktop is erased every time I log onto the working machine, even if I have added "remember" password".

Is it possible to make it persistent ?

That is, whenever I log onto the working machine there will be a "link/folder" which shows the content of the /home/... on the NAS.

Or should should do something else than "connect to another server via sftp" to archive the same thing ?