View Full Version : [ubuntu] install freezes 11.04

May 16th, 2011, 04:28 AM

Just downloaded ubuntu 11.04 64bit and burnt it to a cd.

I see the screen install ubuntu, try ubuntu. I click install and I get all green ticks next to 6gig space and connected to internet ect.. I then choose continue/finished at the bottom and it just sits there doing nothing.

Have checked the logs kern.log and syslog and both look fine no glaring errors. Also ran a top to see whats running and the only processes doing anything are xorg and top.

I have a i5-2500 sandy bridge,gigabyte mobo, 8 gig ram, nvidia gtx460, 3 sata hdd's.

Are there any debug flags I can turn on or install it in a safe mode?

Thanks in advanced.