View Full Version : [ubuntu] UI for 12.X LTS

May 16th, 2011, 04:25 AM

As my 3-year build-cycle approaches its end I am looking 6-12 months for'ard at building out in Ivy-Bridge or Bulldozer HW. Currently my two Ubuntu boxes have stabilized in x64-10.04 LTS ... the new box will be looking at the next LTS varient.

What plans has Canonical made for a UI other than the iphone-type Unity? My latest AMD_quad build uses an NV_9800gtx+ and 27.5" monitor; it should be able to deal with a computationally and visually **very demanding** UI ...but sadly the specially effects all called down system killing **hidden agenda** issues beyond my expertise and patience. I run a plain-vanilla GNOME-2.

Really ... in my coming build with say 50% more CPU, a ~30" monitor and twice-times the vid-card push I can reasonably expect woop-de-doo eye-candy and usr-plush from my UI. It should be **unbelievable** as the kids say. Where is Canonical on that YBroad-to-OZ ?

Mark Phelps
May 16th, 2011, 03:58 PM
Currently, Canonical offers the option to roll-back to the Gnome interface for Ubuntu 11.04, but from everything I've read, they're removing that option starting with 11.10. They're forcing us ALL into using Unity after that.

As to 12.x, maybe if there is enough uproar from the community of folks who do NOT like Unity, Canonical will relent and allow the reuse of Gnome -- but don't hold your breath.

From what I've seen, Canonical couldn't care less about community responses to their self-imposed changes to Ubuntu.