View Full Version : [kubuntu] Multiple Kubuntu small problems

May 15th, 2011, 11:06 PM

I recently changed from Ubuntu to Kubuntu because Unity is too wierd and I feel like KDE is way better developed, has a lots of features, ... but I ran into some problems... please advice:

1. SSH AutoLoading of Private Key:
In Gnome, there was the Seahorse Daemon which automatically Unlocked my private ssh key and acted as an "agent" for SSH, allowing me to ssh without password.
Please tell me a GOOD WORKING app that I can use for KDE in the same manner as Seahorse.

2. Automatical Unlocking of Default "kdewallet".
Everytime an application wants to access the wallet, I must enter the password.
Quite frankly, I've got tired of doing this.
Gnome Seahorse was automatically Opening everything.

3. Weather applet: I've installed a widget applet, I configured it, but it doesn't say the temperature, and the icon shows "rain", but it's completly cloudless in reality.
Please tell me a good candidate for Weather, like the gnome applet was...

4. I've set the Computer Locale to start the Week on Monday in my calendar, but when I click the clock applet, the week still begins on Sunday, not on Monday. Please help here too.

5. Wireless switch doesn't work if not engaged from Boot.
I can only use the wireless on my laptop if the hardware switch is On when Kubuntu boots.
If I turn it on after Kubuntu has booted, the Wireless doesn't work.
Please help here as well

6. In Gnome, I had a very nice possibility to format my USB Drive with right click. In KDE I cannot find a format command and I don't want to use the command line...
Please tell me how can I decently format my USB drive and give it a laber, like the way Gnome did it.

Please help me with as much as possible from these !
Thank you !