View Full Version : Cscope deal with blank in file name

May 15th, 2011, 10:59 AM
Hello all,
I have written such shell to wrap cscope for code reading:

find `pwd`/ -type f -name "*.h" -o -name "*.py" -o -name "*.xml" -o -name "*.properties" -o -name "*.jsp" -o -name "*.c" -o -name "*.cc" -o -name "*.cpp" -o -name "*.hpp" -o -name "*.java" -o -name "*.js"> ${TARGET}
cscope -qR -i "${TARGET}"
But the problem for me is that: if there is files whose name contains blank like this one
/home/huangyingw/cvs/design/UED/DE Sample Index/3.2/Samples/CPP/SharingData/Client/_notes/dwsync.xml
, then cscope will treat it as two files, and report files not found error.
This would cause trouble when reading codes.
Could anyone do me a favor?