View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cancelled installation first time, now it's all errors

May 14th, 2011, 02:01 AM
Hi all,

Sorry hate to add to the dump of installation issues here but I think that my problem is something unique because I corrupted the installation myself.

First of all I set the BIOS to boot from my CD drive first and that worked fine. I got into the installation screen however, the keyboard didn't seem to work for some reason. I had Ubuntu 10.10 hooked up to a french keyboard, the time frame was set to Paris but I wanted to set it to a more local time frame so I hit delete which it responded to and after that nothing responded. So I turned off the computer to restart the installation.

I should mention the first time around I chose to wipe 10.10 and start fresh.

The second time around it gets into the DOS screen with all the commands but now it's just bugged out full of errors and then it eventually runs Ubuntu 11.04 off the CD. Despite that nothing in Ubuntu 11.04 responds to my computer for some reason.

By that I mean, nothing responds when I click on things.

I remember getting into a screen to access the partitions when I uninstalled Windows but I've forgotten how to do that. Perhaps I need to completely wipe 10.10 from the partition to run the installation smoothly again?

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!

May 15th, 2011, 12:38 AM
We need to get a look at your install to get an idea what is going on.

Please boot off the LiveCD/LiveUSB, select 'TRY', and then:

Follow the instruction on the website and post the results here.

Please press the '#' button when posting and place the the script results between the
& tags.

The Hedge