View Full Version : [ubuntu] Printing problem - page size

May 13th, 2011, 07:11 AM

I have a problem with automatic page scaling when printing in Ubuntu.
I work in a hospital and we use our own web application for managing patients data and documents, and most of the computer users(99%) are doctors/nurses with no skills with computers. Out biggest problem with setting Ubuntu as our main OS is this printing problem. We print A4 and A5 documents using Adobe Reader or Evince. If we set the default paper size on A4 all the A4 documents are printer correctly, but none of the A5 documents are printer correctly even with all the automatic page scaling options turned on(in Adobe Reader or Evince). And the same thing vice versa, if the default paper size is A5 then none of the A4 documents are printed correctly so every time our users who have Ubuntu installed want to print documents which are different size then the default paper size that is set up they have to manually change the paper size. For regular computer users this is not a big problem, but when you have users who don't have any computer experience and who print 100's of documents daily(with varied page sizes) this is a huge problem. Is there any way of bypassing that manual page size setting? For example in Windows we just turn on "Chose paper source by PDF size" and everything prints correctly, but when we turn on that option in Ubuntu it still prints wrong.
Hope there is some solution for our problem cause we would like to remove windows from the hospital and completely move to Ubuntu(around 500 computers)