View Full Version : [ubuntu] offline upgradation

May 13th, 2011, 06:38 AM
hello everyone :),
i am having a strange problem while upgrading to maverick from lucid.yesterday i downloaded an alternate cd of maverick from the ubuntu website.i have a horrible internet connection at home and it took me about 8 hours to download the 695MB iso.but then finally got it downloaded.
I mounted it using the command,

sudo mount -o loop 10.10alternate.iso /media/cdrom Strangely it didnt display the upgrade pop-up like it usually does.(I have previously upgraded ubuntu 2 times before,using the same methodology).
Ok now i manually went into the /media/cdrom directory and (...by doing a bit of research about googling about the problem...),ran the command,

gksu "sh cdromupgrade" This time i got the pop-up running,but strangely it makes it imperative,to download all the packages (APPROX 779 MB) AGAIN!!..from the internet before the upgradation process starts.
And if i click "NO (i wish to stay offline)",then the whole process rollsback.

Why is this happening this time?

(never encountered this problem while previous upgrades..i remember i upgraded the OS each time completely offline !)

Is the alternate cd useless,if i again have to download 779MB again?

Or is there something that i am missing out?

thank you.