View Full Version : Alternative to Trac?

May 13th, 2011, 05:00 AM
I was/am looking for an issue tracker/project manager written in Python for my game development kit. My first choice was Trac (for obvious reasons). But, Trac 0.12 (the current version) requires Genshi 0.6 or better, but, since I'm using TuxFamily for hosting (I've basically run out of PHP memory on SourceForge), I have Genshi 0.5.1.

So, I need another issue tracker/project manager written in Python.
Any suggestions?

P.S: I've tried Roundup. Too hard to set up an account bridge for, and it doesn't have project management features (currently).

P.P.S: Why do I need one in Python? Because I'll need to write an account bridge, so I'd like a programming language that I'm familiar with.