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Michelle Rachel Ellert
May 13th, 2011, 04:30 AM
Much has transpired lately.
Windoze 7 crashed badly and (of course) just after the software warranty expired.
So... I expunged Windows from the computer entirely, re-partitioned into two partitions (30gig and 120gig), re-formated and installed Ubuntu 8.04 (developed and used at colleges and scientific ins tuitions all over the world) on both partitions from a CD I found in a book in the library.
At that point it didn't recognize ANY of the hardware in this notebook (Gateway LT25.)
So I got together $32 (panhandling) for a WiFi dongle (10 mile walk to Frys) that included windows driver CD. Then I installed a little program from the Ubuntu disk to install a Windows WiFi drivers. After tweaking it for days I finally got on line and updated to Ubuntu 10.04. Everything (almost, much more tweaking and hacking) worked. Then I Updated the secondary partition to Ubuntu 11.04. Then the graphics accelerator didn't work, couldn't see Intel GMA 950 hardware. Much more tweaking, hacking, updating. Now EVERYTHING works, weeks later! It took about 2 hours each time to download the OS updates through (about 600kps) WiFi. Wow!
All worth it! Ubuntu is SO much better and faster than Windows 7 and FREE. It also comes with a great (open source) office suite that is better than MS Office. And it includes Firefox and Chrome browsers (better and faster than IE).
The only caveat is that I defiantly wouldn't suggest doing this unless you have years of experience with computers.
One other thing. Ubuntu 11.04 is still a little buggy. Pannels get scrambled and some windows open past the 600 line (1024x600) of this Gateway LT25 notebook. Nothing is perfect. It's tolerable and future updates may take care if it.

All is well now. I need some rest.

May 13th, 2011, 04:37 AM
Quite a voyage :-)
Well done you!
Happy Ubuntuing :-)

May 13th, 2011, 04:52 AM
this is exactly what i've done 3 weeks ago, except that my windows 7 was genuine :o