View Full Version : [ubuntu] DB2 emulator for DB2 Express-C on Linux

May 12th, 2011, 09:47 AM
I am a newbie in DB2 as part of my work. I installed DB2 Express-C on Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) on my home PC.

What I need is an emulator to learn the DB2 Emulator to connect to DB2 instance in the same machine. I have also installed IBM studio for Db2, but I need to learn the Emulator way (black screen.. F3-Exit...etc) for doing SQLs, stored procs etc.

I know I look too unclear :). I am not clear how should I do it, but am clear about the need - to learn DB2 through DB2 emulator without having a real DB2/System i5.
Thanks for any help.