View Full Version : [ubuntu] What happens when you don't remove obolete packages during upgrade?

May 12th, 2011, 05:28 AM
I have a 9.04 Samba Domain server, which I am about to upgrade to 10.04LTS. I've just done my mail server and it asks you during the process if you wish to remove obsolete packages.

The process is 9.04->9.10 where I said Yes.
and 9.10-> 10.04LTS wher I said No as I thought that my mail server used one of the packages it was about to remove. The mail server is functioning beautifully.

But... I'm much more nervous about the Samba Domain server, if I stuff it up it is a world of pain for the whole company and and much down time whilst I was restoring what I have now.

So... what happens if I leave all the packages there will it cause me issues?