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May 12th, 2011, 04:32 AM
just some comments about the newest desktop and icons

moving all the apps to the left column..doesn't make sense..
of the 150+ apps in my old menu system..how many were used? 5 -7??
ok..the 5-7 are the frequent apps the rest less so..the names??
I don't, therefore I cannot search for them!! I just know them when I seem them..most of the time..try searching for that???--not possible...

I do like the way the menu/system..what ever bars move out of the screen when not needed...on the 'newer 16:9 screen' this is nice..on the older ones..not so much..I see this is a major plus for handheld devices..

I saw a thread yesterday about holding off the upgrade notice..yep..if there was any common major flaw..the major updates are push out too soon..look at the problems with 11.04..10.10 was stable..when? right several months after release..common case for many passed upgrades. I'll be fair..I should have waited another 2 months before upgrading my desktop..:(

Will I go back to windows..NO..HE11 NO..sorry the pains involved with Ubuntu are far less..just anoying at times.

Thanks for the hard work and bending an ear

over and out

May 12th, 2011, 07:52 AM
Indeed you have old menus yet but in another look and feel :)
Press Meta+a (or Win+a) to open Dash in Application searching mode, then from the drop down box which is placed on top-right corner of screen, you could select old menus names. It will shows entries of selected menus in three sections (most frequent, ALL, and to be downloaded). Click on the All Installed part (namely "more results") and you will see all of entries in that menu :)
Somewhat longer to see what you could saw previously but it's at least possible :)