View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing Brother QL-580N on Natty

May 12th, 2011, 02:59 AM
I'm trying to install the Brother QL-580N on my laptop but I'm having no luck.

I thought I had this installed about one month ago but it doesn't appear to be working anymore.

I've downloaded the drivers from:


Two files being:


It was quite some time ago but I may have needed to change one of the files to allow installation on my 64Bit system.

I can access the printer from it's web control panel so it's all working and I've printed out test pages from there too.

When I try from the Administration -> Printers and add the printer, no amount of cajoling seems to make it want to work.

The printer properties page keeps saying "Processing - Sending Data files (0 bytes)" and the cups error log just reports:

W [12/May/2011:02:47:18 +0100] [Job 54] Remote host did not respond with data status byte after 300 seconds!
E [12/May/2011:02:57:15 +0100] Ignoring empty "marker-names" attribute

Anyone with any suggestions as to how to diagnose this?