View Full Version : [ubuntu] ubuntu 10.10 on a separate ssd and win 7 on fake raid0 array

May 11th, 2011, 11:17 AM
Hi, i have recently installed ubuntu on my laptop (as one and only os) and i`m pretty happy with it. Now I would like to dual boot between win7 hp64 and ubuntu 10.10 on my desktop. I would like to install ubuntu 10.10 on a separate ssd drive, win 7 is placed on a fake raid0 array. Could you please give me some advice how to achieve the following:

1) ubuntu 10.10 as a default booting os without showing boot selection screen,
2) win 7 as a secondary booting os via boot selection screen (i`d much prefer if it simply depended on which drive - ssd or fake raid I would choose to boot from bios - my mobo - ga-p35-ds3p)
3) make those 2 os`s totally and absolutely separate when it comes to boot manager so I can simply physically remove ssd with ubuntu anytime without dire consequences for win 7 boot.
I`d really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.


May 11th, 2011, 02:09 PM
here’s how it works for me...

i have 4 hdd’s that i keep on line. any drive or drives can be removed, inserted, moved to a different slot, it will not matter to grub. when i install to a harddrive i will pull all other drives except the one to be installed on. after the install all hdd’s are plugged in and should be automatically recognize by grub. if not. a 'sudo update-grub’ will fix it..

this works well with linux however i do not run windows and think it will work just the same, but can’t say for sure.