View Full Version : [other] How-To Guide for scanner problems?

May 9th, 2011, 03:32 AM
I see in the Hardware posts there is a lot of anguish over scanners that don't work with Ubuntu/Linux. All the threads offer bits of advice of various types, which usually don't solve the problem. Is there a compendium, a Guide to Scanner Problems published somewhere? (My Visioneer 9650 is listed as supported, COMPLETE, by SANE, and though it is found in the hardware search, an I/O error message is generated every time I try to use gscan2pdf.) I would GLADLY go out and buy a new scanner if I could be sure it would work with Linux--so great is my level of disgust with Windows--but I don't know which one that would be, and I feel the chains becoming taut and drawing me back into the MicroSoft dungeon. Any suggestions?