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May 8th, 2011, 09:35 PM
I have a Tablet running 11.04 with gnome3. One of the biggest problems is the lack of a good virtual keyboard. Until some projects like maliit are integrated inside the system, I've made a small script to temporally solve the problem. I want to share here a way to toggle the keyboard using an application or touching the gnome3 panel.

Bash script to toggle the virtual keyboard (I'm using matchbox-keyboard) located at /usr/bin/toggle_keyboard.sh

#This script toggle the virtual keyboard

PID=`pidof matchbox-keyboard`
if [ ! -e $PID ]; then
killall matchbox-keyboard
It's recommended to create a .desktop file to access from the apps menu (Maybe it will work also with unity)

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Toggle keyboard
Comment=Activate/Deactivate keyboard
You can toggle your keyboard using the app, but following some tutorials http://blog.fpmurphy.com/2011/04/gnome-3-shell-extensions.html I've created a gnome-shell extension to toggle the keyboard when you click (or touch) the gnome3 panel.

To create the extension just follow this steps:

gnome-shell-extension-tool --create-extension
Name: Toggle Keyboard
Description: Open and close the matchbox-keyboard
#Add a cool name to your extension ;)
Replace the code in extension.js with:

// Sample extension code, makes clicking on the panel show a message
const St = imports.gi.St;
const Mainloop = imports.mainloop;
const Shell = imports.gi.Shell;
const Main = imports.ui.main;

function _showHello() {
let text = new St.Label({ style_class: 'helloworld-label', text: "Keyboard" });
let monitor = global.get_primary_monitor();
text.set_position(Math.floor (monitor.width / 2 - text.width / 2), Math.floor(monitor.height / 2 - text.height / 2));
Mainloop.timeout_add(1000, function () { text.destroy(); });
let app = Shell.AppSystem.get_default().get_app('toggle_keyb oard.desktop');

// Put your extension initialization code here
function main() {
Main.panel.actor.reactive = true;
Main.panel.actor.connect('button-release-event', _showHello);
Now restart your desktop and touch the panel to toggle matchbox-keyboard.

This is not the coolest way to integrate the virtual keyboard on gnome but for me it's enough

October 17th, 2011, 11:48 AM
Gnome Shell changed their API a bit. Took forever to track down the new commands.

Does anyone know where they publish their API? I only found this through someone's comment on a github commit that showed up on google.


Anyhow, this code will probably work (As of Oct 17, w/ 11.10).

BTW: I used Alacarte to generate the desktop file, hence the name.

const Shell = imports.gi.Shell;
const St = imports.gi.St;
const Main = imports.ui.main;

let button;

function _toggleKeyBoard() {
let app = Shell.AppSystem.get_default().lookup_app('alacarte-made-2.desktop');

function init() {
button = new St.Bin({ style_class: 'panel-button',
reactive: true,
can_focus: true,
x_fill: true,
y_fill: false,
track_hover: true });
let icon = new St.Icon({ icon_name: 'system-run',
icon_type: St.IconType.SYMBOLIC,
style_class: 'system-status-icon' });

button.connect('button-press-event', _toggleKeyBoard);

function enable() {
Main.panel._rightBox.insert_actor(button, 0);

function disable() {