View Full Version : [ubuntu] Disable Launcher autoshow

May 8th, 2011, 09:53 AM
I quite like Unity-2D -- the 3D version didn't seem to bring any added value, is slower and besides has crashed on one of my machines and won't launch. The loss of the system monitor applet was really problematic, but I have found a PPA with an indicator version now.

I'd love to get rid of the launcher auto appear however. I find it very distracting. More over the launcher has now only a few things in it, all of which I can launch from the dash, which I find a really nice replacement for the menu especially as I can use it from the keyboard. The launcher is particularly problematic with dual screen or when using synergy, as it pops up lots when I am trying to move screens.

I found the launcher & menu configuration, and moved it to "mouse at top left" rather than "left hand side". This helps a lot. But a "show only one keypress" would be even better.

If anyone knows how to do this, that would be great. If it's not possible, well, fingers crossed for an update.