View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dropbox not working in Ubuntu 11.04 and help with new GUI

May 7th, 2011, 08:54 PM
Upgraded to 11.04 from 10.10 last weekend. My Dropbox icon does not appear in the bar at the top of the screen in 11.04 as it did in 10.10, although I can find it under the 'Internet aps' section of the screen that drops down when you click that upper-left icon at the top of the screen.

Unfortunately, clicking the icon (which is blue in color) does nothing. I went to the software center (if that's what it's called), searched for dropbox, found it, and it shows up as installed. Clicking on the 'more' tab give a message that states that it runs from terminal.

I can only get to terminal by again dropping down that top-left icon and running a search for 'terminal' (is that what I am supposed to do in the 11.04 GUI? Seems there must be a better way.).

When I run the commands, I get error messages, such as 'command not found' or I get a list of Dropbox commands.

I can navigate to and browse the Dropbox folder from the terminal, but, I have obviously not figured out how to use Nautilus (or is it something else, now?) in 11.04 to navigate to Dropbox from the desktop.

It was quite simple in 10.10, but I was also quite familiar with the way things worked in 10.10 as well.

I don't want to start knocking the new GUI, as I'm guessing it must have been implemented for good reason, and I am quite certain that, once I get familiar with it, it will be no harder nor more inconvenient to the more familiar interface with which I have become comfortable over the years.

In addition to help with Dropbox, I would love to find a simple explanation of how the new interface works that is tailored to us dinosaurs who are well acquainted with the previous Ubuntu layout.

Where do I find the menu entrance to terminal, for instance?
What is the advantage of that bar listing of applications on the left of my screen?

I read that I can opt to have the old display layout if I want. How does one accomplish that?

I'm not against new per se, so if someone could give me some pointers, I'd probably just stay with the new GUI and learn it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


May 7th, 2011, 09:16 PM
There is a bug:
And a workaround. I got used to dropbox being present only via notifications. You can got to the folder with the file manager, as usual.

Where do I find the menu entrance to terminal, for instance?
It's in the launcher (the vertical list of icons on the left) with the usual screen-looking icon.

I read that I can opt to have the old display layout if I want. How does one accomplish that?
At the bottom of the login screen, choose ubuntu classic.
Or, top right icon (the one you have the shut-down menu in) > System Settings > Login Screen > unlock and change it from there. Will take effect after you logout and log back in.

Give it some time, I did :)

Idaho Dan
May 7th, 2011, 09:21 PM
Hi carusoswi,
Unity is a really big change for me too.
You can always choose ununtu classic at the sign in screen and it will look like normal.
You can get to the terminal by clicking on the applications icon, it is gray with a + in a circle.
I'm sorry I don't know anything about dropbox.

May 7th, 2011, 11:00 PM
Thanks for the replies. Will try your suggestions.