View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to delete an uwanted panel?

May 6th, 2011, 05:20 PM
Dear all,

I've been trying to delete one of my panels but I have no luck doing it.
I follow the instruction that I found in Help,
"right click on the panel you wish to remove and choose DELETE THIS PANEL"
But something strange about my option of "DELETE THIS PANEL",
it is there with other options, I can choose "Properties""Add to panel"...
I just can't choose "Delete this panel"

Please help, I just want to delete this one panel and keep the rest.

Thank you

May 6th, 2011, 06:07 PM
I think you have to have at least one panel. I just right clicked on my one remaining panel and the option to 'delete this panel' was greyed out, too.
I have it set to autohide.

May 7th, 2011, 02:56 AM
click "delete this panel" to delete that single panel. Be aware however that once it is deleted all the icons you had on it can not be recovered and must be all put on again. I believe that it will actually give you a warning about this.

Copper Bezel
May 7th, 2011, 03:12 AM
Under Gnome, yes? That option should be selectable, as Megaptera said, so long as there's more than one panel on your desktop. You can't remove the last one (although you can prevent the program from running) but you've indicated that the panel you're trying to remove isn't the last one.

Is the option greyed out, or does selecting it simply not work?