View Full Version : Do we already use Twitter to keep ourselves up to date with Ubuntu/linux developments

May 6th, 2011, 03:49 PM
I just wondered whether there is currently a mechanism through Twitter by which fellow users keep in touch? Obviously we can use the forums, and Google things ourselves, but if there were a network of fellow users it strikes me that there would be benefits....

Primarily, if we were to have an urgent issue or piece of information to disperse, it would be quicker for us to use Twitter, and everyone would get the updates immediately in the notification area, assuming that Gwibber or another client has been set up on our machines.

Additionally, we would be able to quickly disperse information about software that we use, has been updated, has been deprecated, or new software that we have just discovered.

Obviously we can post on the forums, as we currently do, but the posts are not guaranteed to be read, however if we were to tweet the URL of the article (and Gwibber will automatically shorten the URL) we would be able to get feedback and information much more quickly, short replies through Twitter, longer replies through these forums.

And finally, I feel it would do much to foster a feeling of community. Currently a lot of the threads on these forums consist of "Please help me!" sentiments, which would be tiresome in an offline acquaintance, Twitter would give a more rounded representation of people who were posting, and may enable us to foster more productive, helpful, efficient and enjoyable contacts through the forums.

Let me know what you think, preferably through Twitter :P

I can be found at twitter.com/@nuttyinagoodway

Thanks for listening, and I hope to hear your thoughts, good or bad, and any other ways this may be of benefit to us!