View Full Version : [ubuntu] Multiboot encrypted system

May 6th, 2011, 09:10 AM

I currently have this kind of setup on my laptop:

1) One physical hard drive
2) Windows 7 installed on one partition
3) One large NTFS data partition that is encrypted with TrueCrypt
4) Plenty of free, unallocated space on the hard drive (I shrunk the Windows partition)

I'd like to install Ubuntu and Windows XP on the side, so that:

1) Ubuntu and Windows 7 will be encrypted totally (whole system encryption)
2) Ubuntu and Windows 7 will be accessing the data partition by mounting it with TrueCrypt
3) Windows XP will be unencrypted and accessible without a password

I'm planning to not use Windows XP at all myself, it is only there in case the laptop gets stolen (I'll be installing Prey (http://preyproject.com/) or similar software on it).

How should I proceed? What kind of encryption should I use on Ubuntu? Thanks in advance. :P