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May 6th, 2011, 03:32 AM
Since we have the beginner challenges, I was thinking of having an advanced version. The problem is that advanced challenges would require a lot of work on the part of the person creating the challenge. Then, there is no easy way to pick a winner.

So, I decided that once a week, I will post an advanced programming exercise. The point of these is to stump you and make you think on your algorithm. These will involve interesting problem solving, using magical data structures, and maybe even bit magic (write a O(n) 1/sqrt(n) function). Depending on whether I have time or not, I am intending on doing these, too, and posting my solution.

The sources will vary. They can be from project Euler, from uva.onlinejudge.com, via submissions to my In-box on the forums, or anywhere in the world.

The rules will be simple:
- There is no weekly winner. This is for your exercise only.
- Input that is provided as part of the problem can be read in any way you want. You can hard code it if you like, this isn't kindergarten.
- Return the output however you like. Print it, return it to the shell, hack a satellite to write it on the moon. We don't care. :)

Index of programming exercises:

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