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May 6th, 2011, 12:22 AM
i was using natty 11.04 yesterday when i noticed that after i installed the orta theme from gnome look, and make desktop theme changes, to orta, the settings i wanted weren't being recognised and orta didn't work. it was as if my password wasn't being recognised, and or, that natty wasn't working very well with orta and not recognising orta as a legitimate ubuntu theme i had already switched to ubuntu classic earlier through the login settings panel. it scared me, because i though my system was compromised as i never seen that happen before. (and im pretty much a noob) though my pw which was the same worked normal for everything else just not the theme.

i dont think that my system was compromised, hope not anyway, i think somehow orta, and maybe other themes arent working with natty. (also i was getting errors with the tolken icon theme set, which also wasnt working and giving me errors)(when i say errors, not linux errors just that the theme wasn't being recognised and not applying itself) should the gtk2 themes, and other gnome like themes and icon sets be expected to work with natty?

is ubuntu classic the exact same thing as older ubuntu version before natty 11? meaning, do older gnome themes work just as well on ubuntu classic as in older 10 versions. are there any recognised issues running older 10 themes on natty? or is ubuntu classic not the same as ubuntu 10 version and such, wont work with 10 themes and icons?

Frogs Hair
May 6th, 2011, 01:18 AM
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Many of the GTK themes don't work in Unity , but I don't know about classic . Orta has a known bug in Unity and with a search I found a page of results . http://fossplanet.com/f10/%5Bbug-777155%5D-%5Bnew%5D-orta-theme-not-correctly-rendering-unity-panelcolor-154799/

May 6th, 2011, 01:48 PM
i already know that unity isnt really that theme able. if not at all. but does this apply to ubuntu classic too. which would explain why ubuntu classic isnt themable because it seems to be not like v10? what would be a reason why v10 themes wouldnt work on v11 eaither unity and or classic. is this a known issue/bug?