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May 5th, 2011, 04:29 PM
I want to easily calculate the number of lines of the files that exist in a particular directory, so, inside my c++ code i've typed:

double b=system("a=0; if [ X\"$(ls ~/.config/MyProgram/*)\" != X\"\" ]; then for i in ~/.config/MyProgram/*/*; do a=$(expr $a + $(wc -l < \"$i\")); done; exit $a; else exit 0; fi");
Explanation: This checks to see if there are files in a particular directory, if there are, then they read the number of lines of each file and add this number to a variable called 'a'. Then the scripts exits by calling 'exit $a' and this value goes to 'double b'
By doing this, i noticed that 'double b' has the value of $a * 256, so I used it as:

b/=256and then I used the variable 'double b' for my own purposes....
But now, that 'a' is a bit larger as a number (a==1936) and now I can see that 'b' is '36864' (which means 144*256). I assume that in a script you cannot exit with a number larger of a specific value or something else is wrong....

This is quite weird and I suspect that my first thought/notice is completely wrong and it is not a fact, but a possibility!

So, is there any way to use the variable $a? i.e. output the $a variable by calling 'echo $a' and catch it inside the c++ program or maybe use again 'exit $a' in a more effective way?

Thx in advance for any answers and please notice that 'a' can take a value up to 100.000

May 5th, 2011, 05:00 PM
exit codes are limited to 8 bits (=255) on posix systems.

why not call wc directly (e.g. with popen) instead of this weird script
or let the script echo the result and parse that.
or do it fully within c++.

May 5th, 2011, 05:07 PM
Well ;) I did it with popen finally... For anyone following:

FILE* pipe = popen("full command goes here that outputs something", "r");
char buffer[128];
string result = "";
while(!feof(pipe)) {
if(fgets(buffer, 128, pipe) != NULL)
result += buffer;

this will result the 'result' variable to have the output of the command!