View Full Version : [kubuntu] Fresh install - subpar KDE performance

May 5th, 2011, 12:25 AM

With the release of 11.04 I decided to do an entirely fresh install of Kubuntu (first time in a few years). It was a very smooth install and everything works nicely, but the performance is disappointing. My PC is a few years old but it's still quite decent - AMD dual core processor, nVidia 9600 GT graphics card. I installed the nVidia driver and got it working properly, as well as turning off VSync via a suggestion I found, but performance is still disappointing.

There's no major issue, just a lot of small things - for example, clicking on the application launcher in the corner takes a full second for it to appear. The window minimizing effect is choppy. Window maximizing is noticeably bad: the title bar appears first, followed by the rest of the window a second later. Firefox 4 is slow as well, it takes at least a second each to switch between tabs. It's all quite usable but doesn't feel as snappy as it should. Any ways to tweak performance or find out what might be wrong?