View Full Version : Vala development tools?

May 4th, 2011, 11:46 PM
I'm interested in trying some Vala development for my next GTK+ application. I was wondering if there's someone out there with some experience who could recommend me some tools?

For my C/C++ development, I would normally use Geany, some makefiles and a terminal emulator. Python the same. I tried Eclipse for my last python app, and didn't mind it, but Geany provides all the features of Eclipse I want and is much lighter on resources.

I would like to use Geany for Vala as well, but one of the key attractive features of Vala as I see it is the object introspection. Is there any editor/IDE you can recommend me that does good code completion based on vala/vapi introspection? I'm aware of the Gedit plugin that appears to do just this, but Gedit seems a bit basic for my needs (open to it, but wondering if there are other options).