View Full Version : [ubuntu] Unity Not Finding My Apps

May 4th, 2011, 03:05 PM

I have a ton of apps installed; so many in fact that I have had to place most of the apps in sub-folders of the main menu, just so that I can find them. Unfortunately, when I switch from Ubuntu Classic to Ubuntu (Unity), Unity is able to find less than half of my apps. At first glance it appears that Unity was not designed to locate apps in sub-folders. This may or may not be the issue; however the problem remains...

Is this a bug??? Is there a work around???

Can I teach Unity where my sub-folders are, or is there a way to do this automagically?

Thanks, Hannibal

BTW, I would like the 'option' of using a PO-text menu, whithout having to login to Ubuntu Classic. Just a suggestion...