View Full Version : [xubuntu] Trying to install xubuntu but keeps on freezing

May 4th, 2011, 02:55 AM
I have a Pentium 4 with 3.066GHz, 512MB RAM, Geforce Nividia FX2000 with 128MB.

I'm trying to install Xubuntu from Windows and when I restart and try to complete the installation Xubuntu freezes every time . There are no error messages. I did manage to get it installed once through ACPI workarounds on the boot menu but it started freezing once Xubuntu had loaded up. So I then decided to uninstall and try again and now it keeps on freezing every time I try to install again.

I've been trying to get it to work for days now. Please help.

May 4th, 2011, 10:18 AM
Here is what is worth knowing of a Wubi installation: