View Full Version : [ubuntu] Using Ubuntu as a host PC for Wireless Router advice needed

May 3rd, 2011, 06:11 AM
Hello Everyone,
A friend using Ubuntu 10.04 wants to know if the following is possible with Ubuntu. Advice needed!

Currently he has an old Windows PC setup as a host computer for his Wireless and wants to know if he can replace it with Ubuntu.

This is how it's setup. He has a USB Wireless broadband Stick plugged into the above old Windows PC. This in turn is connected by Ethernet cable to a Wireless router and his newer Laptops, PC's connect by wireless to it.

This old PC sits upstairs out of the way and is "ON" day and night.
He would like to transfer the USB Wireless broadband Stick to his Ubuntu Desktop PC downstairs and use it as the host so that he can turn the old Windows PC off and retire it. Can it be done?

I know I haven't given any model numbers for the USB Wireless broadband Stick etc as this is more of a question to see how hard the basic above principle is and how I should go about setting the above up for my friend. What are your thoughts on this