View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.4 Does Not See Any "Additional Drivers"???

May 3rd, 2011, 12:52 AM
Computer: Dell Precision 530 Workstation

Graphics Card: nVidia Corporation NV25GL [Quadro4 900 XGL] (rev a3)

Graphics Card Restricted Driver: v96 [Recommended] (only option)

Im a simple ubuntu user for many years now and have never really had any an issue I could not solve useing google but this ones got me stumped. Iv never had any problem upgrading or updated Ubuntu until now.

I currently was useing 10.4 and liked it a lot, 10.10 came out, but i decided to pass. 6 months later (a few days ago) 11.4 came out and I REALLY wanted it bad. So I backed up my data (took 3 days to backup 64GBs+ of data though USB 1.0 and burned a 11.4 Desktop Disk and checked the option to remove my current version of Ubuntu and install 11.4.

The instalalion almost got to the end but it crashed...I took out the disk and cleaned a BIG finger print on it CD and rebooted and tried again, it installed fine that time. It said my graphics card could not run Unity...eh whatever...I loaded "Ubuntu Classic" then updated 11.4 and installed ccsm and everything else installed.

I noticed 3D acceleration worked right out of the box! Sadly...it was glitchy for my Nvidia card, the cube 3D windows over lapped and mirrored and....wasn't pretty or even usable...So i decided to install the Restricted Driver. O opened Additional Drivers and only saw 1....a prototype Nvidia driver? I installed it and I had even worse performance then before! (it crashed when i even tried the cube at all) Ugh!

I wiped the system and reinstalled 10.4 with updates...installed my restricted driver and upgraded to 10.10 wiht updates. Worked great! :) Upgraded to 11.4 and it removed my restricted driver and I was back to square 1!...except with 6 hours down the drain. I wiped the system again, installed 10.4 and upgraded to 10.10 again extremely frustrated...and I guess im staying here. :(

My question is...why does it uninstall my Nvidia version 96 driver? And why did it not offer me my usual restricted driver when I installed 11.4 and updated it and everything? Why has my restricted driver shown up on every release but 11.4?

Am I doomed to run 10.10 cause a driver is not available for my card? What other options do I have?

Please help!

PS: (I want to try to avoid wiping the system...again....)