View Full Version : [ubuntu] Is it possible to enable the bottom bar with the unity ui?

young hastings
April 30th, 2011, 06:53 PM
i just updated and really like the new UI but i cant work with the bar on the left changing between windows and stuff is just really messy to me but on the other hand i like how programs use the top bar for the x and minimize buttons etc. id like to keep that but just get the bar at the bottom back for my windows is it possible without switching back to classic?

April 30th, 2011, 07:10 PM
Your other choice is to switch back to the Classig Gnome Desktop - at the bottom of your login Screen - before you actually login. You may not have the new function bar on top, but you'll have the same two panels that you're already used to having. And customizing those can be pretty amazing if you're willing to fiddle for a few minutes. I have four panels on my desktop, each with its own purpose, but none of them are expanded all the way.

Just right-click on an empty portion of a panel and check out the height, width, expanded, transparent, etc. options that you can play around with. But whatever you do, don't delete a panel that you might want, unless you're absolutely certain that you'll be willing to do the work later on, to get everything on that panel back. With Ubuntu-Tweak (use google) you can even backup your desktop settings. Careful though, restoring those with the Gnome Classic Desktop caused problems for me ... maybe because me desktop settings were older?

April 30th, 2011, 07:21 PM
Yes you can have something like this, but gnome-panel might not be around after Ubuntu 11.10 comes along. Also note that you will me modifying your panel layout in the Ubuntu Classic desktop at the same time.

While using the Unity desktop, all you need to do is press Alt + F2, then run 'gnome-panel' in the run dialog (without the quotes).

When gnome-panel starts, arrange your gnome-panels so you only have a bottom gnome-panel that includes the 'window list' applet (and the gnome menu if you prefer). Make sure not to cover Unity's top panel with gnome-panel, and it is not good to have 2 notification areas running at the same time either.

If you like the setup you can create a startup application entry for gnome-panel so it will start automatically.

April 30th, 2011, 09:23 PM
An alternate to the above is just login to classic, remove the top panel, then enable the unity plugin in ccsm (compizconfig-settings-manager
I think that's better than running gnome-panel on top of unity

October 3rd, 2011, 01:42 PM
Does anyone know if there is a plan to allow the user to move the new panel, ever? It seems to me this will become a common question and or commonly requested feature.