View Full Version : [ubuntu] Linksys WRG61v firmware in German -- port forwarding and ssh

April 30th, 2011, 12:49 AM

I'm trying to set up ssh behind (into?) a linksys router (WGR614v4). Unfortunately, when I initially set up this older router, the only firmware update which would do the trick of getting everything working is in German, so all the router menus are in German, a language in which I have zero fluency. If it was in French or maybe even Spanish, I would be OK.

I understand that one of the necessary steps here is setting up port forwarding. Any help with the German would be great.

Also, should I open up a separate thread for other questions? Specifically:

1) I have signed up for one of the free DynDNS accounts, but am not sure what exactly I'm supposed to do with it.

2) If I can figure out the German, should I try to set up a static IP address in the router configuration? Or does DynDNS take care of that problem?

3) I understand that Ubuntu comes with a firewall upon install, but there is no GUI config that I can find. Is this taken care of through the CL? Perhaps I just need to install a client. Which is best?

and finally...

4) Would it be best just to buy a more modern router? Does anyone have suggestions as to which would work best -- specifically, the one most likely to to be amenable to ssh.

Forgive the rudimentary nature of some of these questions. I'm actually a little more Linux-fluent than I sound.

Thank in advance,