View Full Version : blundering around googlecode and svn

April 29th, 2011, 06:16 PM
Hi all. I've been test driving googlecode recently. However, in the course of my test drives, I've littered my repo's directory structure with insignificant files. Wanting to have a clean repo as I upload my project, I try to delete those files.

However, there isn't a delete button in googlecode. So I blunder around a link to "Delete project". I click it and *poof*

Now, my svn directory no longer has any subdirectories in it (no trunk or whatsoever). And then I'm having trouble adding and committing files. Since this little accident, I've been trying to add/commit to project.googlecode.com/svn to no avail.

Can't I really upload anything to /svn/ ? Or is there something wrong with my svn (if so, I'll be posting error messages)? Lastly, is there a way for me to recreate the subdirectories (trunk, wiki, etc.) that I lost?