View Full Version : Change of plans

April 29th, 2011, 03:46 AM
I've decided to give Unity a fairer chance and stick with Ubuntu until November this year before switching to Fedora. (http://qu404.com/2011/04/change-of-plans/)

My motives behind this (GNOME 3's somewhat rocky start and lack of OOTB USB 3 support) are explained there. I'll be upgrading to Natty over the weekend and use that until I decide GNOME 3 has matured enough, then replace Ubuntu with Fedora.

April 30th, 2011, 03:23 PM
Maybe you should also consider the fact that by then, Ubuntu would have supremely matured too.

As I mentioned elsewhere, this happens every release. Everybody, in the first two weeks (including me for Karmic) whines about how Ubuntu was the greatest release ever, and how Ubuntu + 1 has ruined all good things on Earth.

And yet, after two months, Ubuntu + 1 is hailed yet again as the greatest release ever. One may verify this for themselves, from the forum history.

It always takes some time to iron out bugs - considering the short development cycle, I thinks the devs do a magnificent job.

And before you ditch an apt/deb-based system for a yum/rpm one, I suggest a VM, or a dual boot in the meantime. You might not like it. I never did, and I guess I never will.

Also, with Ubuntu, you can still install Gnome3 you know. You won't, on the other hand, be able to install Unity easily in Fedora.