View Full Version : [ubuntu] New Natty and Unity ISSUES

April 29th, 2011, 03:33 AM
Well, hello world. As of today I have updated to the new ubuntu Natty and the first thing to note is the brand new interface. I really liked it so far as it looks nice and is nice and user friendly. However I myself am not user friendly as it seems that it took me about 5 minutes to trash my computer with it. I am so sad yet I am laughing to myself right now.

I don't know if anyone else noticed this but compiz doesn't work with it well. Here is what happened: I was admiring the new fun desktop gadgets and familiarizing myself with it but then noticed that the 3D desktop cube wasn't enabled so I open up ccsm and go to the desktop settings to enable it.

Yet when I did I found that the interface has lost the panels and short cuts don't work and the window borders are gone. All I have to work with is a few aplications on my desktop seeing there isn't anything else.

So I have internet and also the terminal on my desktop. Not even the "alt-F2" key works to run anything.

So what do I do? I can't do much as it seems.