View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit AMD Blinking Cursor on Live CD boot

April 27th, 2011, 09:09 PM
I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux in general. I've installed a Live CD using PowerISO at 4x speed twice to make sure the burn was clean.

My Specs:

AMD Phenom II 3ghz // ATI
ATI Radeon HD4200
4gb Ram -
500gb HD -

Essentially what would happen is the CD would boot just find, only to 'hang' on a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner after two screens. The boot starts with text before proceeding to a purple screen with what looks like a keyboard and an icon at the bottom. From there the screen turns black, and the CD stops spinning.

From what I understand, this could probably mean literally anything, so I'm just as open in alternate installing methods as I am in getting this fixed.

April 27th, 2011, 11:38 PM
Try the nomodeset boot option.
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132)

If that doesn't help, you may want to try the alternate cd install.