View Full Version : Curse you Ubuntu, recent beloved of my soul.

May 10th, 2006, 05:26 PM
I have spent the last week grappling with you. I have been awake for 24 hours, fueled by caffeine and Tecate, and the thought that the cheap Chinese restaurant opens soon. I have wracked my brains trying to fathom why it is that your DHCP works so beautifully at Espresso Vivace, but only a packet sniffer will unearth the Holy Grail of the router IP at Fremont Coffee. I have ransacked the pages of Linux Unwired and Running Linux for clues, and I have hunted vanishingly relevant forum threads like a starving polar bear on a melting ice cap. My friends and coworkers scoff as I watch my networking queries sink unanswered into the threadwash.

And yet I struggle on. Because I love the way your warm brown splashscreen welcomes me back from my sojourns in the clinical, stale world of Windows, because I can no longer live without the delights of your virtual desktops and the freedom of your command lines, and, above all, because of the sane humanity of your emergence and existence. In the end, I will never relinquish you, because you are to me an emblem and an agent of freedom of thought and information, because I believe these will make the world a better place and believe these should not be afforded only to those who can offer licensing fees as a sacrifice to the software gods. Ah, Ubuntu, face that launched a thousand ships...

So, once more into the breach. I shall again eject my Windows hard drive, jack in my Linux, and sally forth with back straight and teeth bared. I'll get you yet.

Nolite bastardes carborundorum.

May 10th, 2006, 06:07 PM
Wonderful post.

I know it is one of those that doesn't require posting, but I really feel that "doing the right thing" and solving your problems is the only way to protect the future of computing.

Learning how to read and write wasn't easy, and yet vastly important.

Some things in life are just too important to "point and click".

Let's hope more people choose the right path.

May 10th, 2006, 08:58 PM
that's a bit long for a sig.

i like it though.