View Full Version : [ubuntu] Compaq Presario SR1200NX Hardware Upgrade Questions

April 17th, 2011, 12:55 AM
I just updated to Ubuntu 11.04, and I found out that my ATI 9550 graphic card doesn't play well with Unity and Gnome 3. I have a Compaq Presario SR1200NX that has 3 PCI slots and 1 AGP8.X slot. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the newer PCI Express ability. So, I've been trying to find an Nvidia replacement for the ATI card. However, I don't know exactly which one I should get. One criteria; I only have $100.00 US to spend on a card because I'm also going to get a 2TB MyBook from Western Digital.

I understand from other posts that Nvidia cards have historically had better Linux support than ATI's cards. Can anyone suggest a good match? It would be nice to find a card with 1GB RAM, but it looks like I might be limited to 512 in that price range. I'd really like to use either the Unity or Gnome 3 environment.

Thanks in advance for any help.


April 19th, 2011, 03:57 AM
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