View Full Version : [ubuntu] Testdisk

April 17th, 2011, 12:11 AM
I tried installing a 2nd drive, and somehow I messed up my primary HD, which used to have XP and Ubuntu. I am now trying to use Testdisk to recover. I am using the following url:
I find that after a deep search, all the directories listed are marked with a 'd', I can identify an NTFS directory with my files, so I change that to root as it is the folder with my xp files in it. Then I try to view the inside of the other folders, but after viewing the first one, pressing 'q' puts me back at the analyze prompt not the directory listing that I want to go to in order to view the next directory. I hope I am getting my point across. What am I doing wrong?
I think i should view inside of all the directories and verify they are empty then proceed to write. Is that correct?