View Full Version : compiling orkweb 64-bit version

April 16th, 2011, 05:43 PM
I used to use orkaudio to record all my phone calls, I recently built a new system and since I have 8 gigs of RAM I installed 64-bit ubuntu. I tried to get it working, starting with the orkweb portion as I already have the old data in the database for it to use. I didn't get anywhere. The mailing list for the program says that it is 32-bit.

I think it sucessfully compiles in eclipse (I'm not sure since the default is auto compile or whatever they call it). I'm not sure if it is compiling 64-bit or not first of all. Also I want to know how to turn the compiled 64-bit version once I get it into a war file to be easily deployed with tomcat.

Has anyone been successful in compiling orkweb for 64-bit? any help woul be appreciated