View Full Version : [ubuntu] Monitor Samsung B1930N too bright even with the driver

April 16th, 2011, 04:59 PM
Hello there!

First of all, sorry for my reaaaly bad english, but I couldn't find any answers in my first language ubuntu forum.

I'm using Ubuntu Linux Lucid Lynx (10.04).

So, my problem:

I bought a Samsung LCD monitor, model SyncMaster B1930N. It's a 18,5" monitor.
In my Windows 7, it was too bright, but after the installation of the driver, it became normal. In Ubuntu, it was too bright, and the window went "out" the screen, too left, with a huge black strip at the right side.
So, I went to Monitors, in my Menu. The Monitors poped up a message saying that it couldn't support my monitor, and to redirect me to the proprietary driver.

It opened the prop. driver, the nVidia settings manager. My monitor was already recognized in there, and the resolution was right. But the damn screen was too bright and in the wrong position yet!

I tried to mess up with the brightness configs, but it became too dark, or too bright, or too bizarre.

But, on my last LCD monitor, it was to bright and misconfigured too, but when I installed the prop. driver, it became normal. So I went to hardwares drivers, but no driver was there to me, only the 3 versions os nVidia: 173, 96 and the current one I'm using (it was named [current version])

I searched around in the internet, but find nothing. So, I'm here to ask: anybody knows how to configure properly my new monitor without messing up with its on configs (the buttons on it), cause it will mess with the Windows?

Thank you :D