View Full Version : [ubuntu] Aveo Technology Corp. USB2.0 Camera Problem

April 15th, 2011, 10:08 PM
Hello ubuntuusers!

I have a question concerning my brand-new aveo webcam ( ID 1871:0d01 Aveo Technology Corp. USB2.0 Camera ).

First and foremost, the device will be recognized out-of-the-box in skype, cheese and guvcview. My problem is: To control the parameters, I have used the gtk-v4l tool. But there, you can't control the manufacturer specific settings of your webcam like in http://www.vanheusden.com/setpwc/ .

1. My question now is: Is there any tool, what is able to control aveo specific webcam settings?

And then, a problem I stumbled over the first 20 min when dealing with the installation of my webcam: easycam2.

The now 100x copied 3 commands easy installation ending with 'apt-get install python-xml easycam2-core' will ( which wonder ) not work. Cheese is, after the 'apt-get -f install' somehow working, but for the easycam2, no matter what way I want to take, I always need

python-xml ( I have read the section on launchpad, that it has been removed, but no answer how one can install easycam2 without it )
python2.4-glade2 ( Since I have python 2.7, I wonder if that is a lousy fixed version string in the requirements or something )

So, If you happen to know ALL THE ANSWERS to my questions, you can save my life ( at least my time :D )

Greez! ( move my thread, if the forum is wrong ;) )